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Everything You Need - 9 Lessons BTW & 30 Hrs of Classroom

* PLEASE NOTE:  This Program is not currently offered in Door County.  All lessons for the 9 & 0 are in Green Bay Only.

* Save money when you combine classroom and behind the wheel.  This package includes 30 hours of classroom and 9 lessons behing the wheel. 

* No observation is required.  This program satisfies all requirements of Wisconsin's GDL program and is considered the "Cadillac of driving programs." 

* This driving program can only be offered by schools qualified by the State of Wisconsin to do so.  We are qualified and very proud to offer it to you at a competitve rate!

* Ideal for Students that would like nine driving lessons behind the wheel (more drive time) as part of their driver edcucation program. Again, observation is not necessary with this program.  Each drive time is 1 hour in duration and all time is behind the wheel.

Right of Way Course

Right of Way Course is for those that must attend the 2 hour course as a result of a recent "Failure to Yield" or other "Right of Way" infraction. 

Please Call 920-469-9240 for more information.

6 & 6 Behind the Wheel only

For those UNDER THE AGE OF 18 who have already completed the classroom portion at another driving school or have completed a State of Wisconsin approved ONLINE driver education classroom.

This includes six hours of behind the wheel driving and six hours of observation time

ATTN:  This course is only available to those who have already completed the classroom phase of training at another driving school. THIS PACKAGE IS NOT BEING OFFERED TO ADULTS.

9 & 0 Behind the Wheel - Only

There are 9 one-hour lessons behind the wheel.

Classroom is not included in this option. 

Student must be able provide proof of classroom completion prior to enrollment.

Adult - 6 Lesson Package

For adult students only because this package does not include classroom.   6 behind the wheel lessons, no observation.

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