Driving Resources

WI State Resources

Wisconsin Motorist Handbook - OCT 2016

The Wisconsin Motorists' Handbook PDF gives you information on driving rules and practices to help you become a safe driver of a car or light truck (Class D license). 




GDL Log Sheets.  All students must log 30 hours of driving with their parents.  20 hours during daylight hours, 10 at night.

Schedule a Road Test

You should schedule your road test eleven weeks prior to your eligibility.

Get a driver license or identification (ID) card

DMV Service Centers

Find a DMV Service Center near you.

Online Registration and License Rewnewal

Information on how to renew your licence plates online.

Learn how to Become an Organ Donor

View Acceptable Documents for Proof of Identity

Teen Driving Resources

Drive it Home - VIDEOS for Teens & Parents

Excellent videos to be shared with teens and parents


This Website is a good source of information for PARENTS.


Learn more about Young Driver Sponsorship

Learn more about Teen Driving

Find More Teen Driving Resources from the WI DMV

Zero in Wisconsin

More than 500 people died on Wisconsin Roads last year.

Learn more about Wisconsin's "Zero In Wisconsin" PSA.