About Us

Jon’s Driving Academy, LLC is a 100% locally owned and operated private driving school located in Green Bay, Wisconsin that has not only raised the bar, but also set the highest standards in performance. Our standards are what all other WI driving schools strive for, and we are proud to have been doing so in Eastern Wisconsin since 2002.

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Classroom Sessions

Learn the fundamentals of vehicle operation and the rules of the road in a  safe and fun environment.
Complete all Wisconsin certified classroom courses as well as behind-the-wheel instruction at Jon's Driving Academy. Private lessons, refresher courses, and vehicle rental for your final driving test are also available.

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Jon's Driving Academy behind-the-wheel training provides you with the full 12 hours of "in the car" instruction with a certified drivers education instructor. This time includes both 6 hours of driving as well as 6 hours of observation. Once you have an Instruction Permit you can begin driver training.

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